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2001 - HAL
I'm free for about 2 hours today from 18:30 to 20. I'll be at the Tealuxe on Newbury. Find me there or place a comment here if you want to go.

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2001 - HAL
Okay, given that I have a free night tonight, I'm going to avail myself of my own community.

I'll be at Tealuxe at Harvard Square from around 18:00 to around 20:30. You'll recognize me by the fact that I have a top hat, which I may or may not be wearing, optionally. I want to have tea and perhaps a light dinner.

Join me!

ETA: You may comment on this if you wish to tell me you'll join me.

2001 - HAL
First item of business: community rules.

Anything goes except ads and drama. The most preferable community post would be just an announcement saying that someone will be somewhere at sometime for some period and adding a description (or not), but discussions pre or post meetups will be okay.

If there's an ad or drama, alert me and I'll delete the offending posts/comments. Repeat offenders (defined as having posted an ad or drama more than once), however, will be kickbanned.

That is all.


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